A2 Hosting Affiliate Review – Earn Per Sale $125 Commission

A2 Hosting Affiliate Review

A2 hosting has a solid background in the web hosting business. They have an export team with the latest technology to serve data from anywhere. A2 Hosting is a leading web hosting company that offers a variety of web hosting plans. 

They offer web hosting plans for beginners to advanced users. So you can make money by promoting A2 hosting with your friends and audience.

Here is proof of my earnings.

A2 Hosting offers an affiliate program to scale its business and create an opportunity for you. So, you can take this advantage to make money from hosting an affiliate program. They have the best service in the market, which is good enough to recommend to your friend. In this a2 hosting affiliate review, you can learn how to start a hosting affiliate of a2 hosting.

Let’s jump into the details.

A2 Hosting Overview

A2 Hosting is a famous web hosting company that has provided quality service since 2001. A2 hosting has a good reputation among developers with 20x fast servers. 

A2 hosting has blazing fast speeds, award-winning customer support, and optimized WordPress servers with cPanel access. They have various web hosting plans to buy shared hosting, which costs $2.95 to dedicated servers $99.59 per month.

The company offers a complete web hosting solution. A2 hosting provides high-end quality service with the latest technology. 

They have multiple servers location.

Most of the users are satisfied like me because their features come in low-cost service. A2 Hosting is a complete package of web hosting solutions. You’ll get everything you need to run a successful website or service.

A2 Hosting Key Features

A2 Hosting offers a wide range of services, such as shared hosting VPS hosting to dedicated servers. They provide a complete web hosting solution with lots of features.

Reasons why you should promote A2 hosting?

Here are the top features of a2 hosting

  • 20X Faster Servers
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Free Website Migration
  • Multi-Server Location
  • Cloudflare Free CDN
  • Website Staging
  • FutureServe Green Hosting
  • A2 Optimized Enhanced Security
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee
Join Free A2 Hosting Affiliate – Make Money

A2 Hosting Affiliate Review

A2 Hosting is a reliable web hosting provider with a good reputation. It was easy to promote a2 hosting because of its features and blazing speed.

You can join the a2 hosting affiliate program free of cost. You can need to charge anything. You can promote your affiliate link with your audience.

Benefits of the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program.

​Custom Customer Welcome Email & Landing Page For Top Affiliates
Active & Responsive Affiliate Program Management
Real-Time Affiliate Stats
Long 90-Day Cookie Life
Monthly Payments on the 15th  
A/B Tested Landing Pages
Triple Redundant Tracking
Easy-To-Use Post Affiliate Pro Control Panel
Deep Linking (Choose Where You Link)
High Conversion Rates & Customer Retention

When you get the sale of a2 hosting, they review your sale for 45 days. After approval and reaching the threshold, you will get payout via Paypal. And the payout threshold of a2 hosting affiliate program was $100.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Rates

A2 Hosting offers top web hosting affiliate programs in the market. They offer lots of features for affiliate marketers or promoters. A2 Hosting is the highest-paying web hosting affiliate program where you can earn lots of money.

You can earn $125 for each new customer you referred to by your affiliate link.

Here is the rate of the affiliate commission.

1-10 sales: $55/sale
11-15 sales: $75/sale
16-20 sales: $100/sale
21+ sales: $125/sale

If you think your traffic is worth more than $125, you can contact your affiliate manager to increase the sale commission rate.

How to sign up for an A2 hosting affiliate program?

  • Complete affiliates profile
  • Fill up payout methods.

Why you should use a2 hosting affiliate program

People always trust a reputed company and read reviews of customers before purchases. A2 hosting earned an excellent reputation in the web hosting industry with its fastest server and award-winning customer support.

You can easily promote a2 hosting, and this is a trustworthy company. Your referral users can get the maximum benefits of a2 hosting premium technology. Famous bloggers are making $1000 per month just by promoting a2 hosting.

The cookie life of a2 hosting is 90 days, which is excellent for your income. If your users go through your link and buy hosting from a2 hosting under 1-90 days, you’ll get a commission. 

This is a super earning opportunity?

Yes, it is. Start promoting a2 hosting from today.

Join Free A2 Hosting Affiliate

How to promote web hosting affiliate programs?

Promoting web hosting services is not easy. Here I will share some tips to get quick sales.

  • Blog

You can promote web hosting products with your blog. You can start a website in any niche and recommend a2 hosting for your audience.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the best platform to promote your affiliate product. You can share your review and recommendation in different groups.

  • Youtube

Here you can make a review video on a web hosting product and share it with your audience. If you have an audience, you can put your a2 hosting affiliate link in the youtube video description.

  • Quora

Quora is a free platform to promote a2 hosting services. Here you can promote a2 hosting by answering related to hosting-related questions. 

  • Paid Promotion

If you want to promote a paid method, you can also do that. You can promote a2 hosting from google ads, bing ads, Facebook ads & more. Make sure you don’t use the company’s brand keywords like a2 hosting, a2, buy a2 hosting.

  • Friends recommendation

You can refer to a2 hosting with your friend’s circle. A2 Hosting allows for personal recommendations or direct link share.

Siteground affiliate program vs. a2 hosting affiliate

Siteground is also a reputed web hosting service provider in the market. But for some reason, a2 hosting is better than a Siteground affiliate program nowadays.

Here is the reason you should promote a2 hosting, not Siteground.

Siteground is a good web hosting provider; there is no doubt. But in the case of an affiliate program, a2 hosting wins. Recently Siteground disconnects the affiliate program for Asian reasons, so that means you’ll not get paid for Asian users.

FAQ On A2 Hosting Affiliate

What is the a2 hosting affiliate payment method?

The payment method of the a2 hosting affiliate program is PayPal. You will receive your approved payment from a2 hosting by PayPal. Paypal is a popular payment method in the market. The transaction process was straightforward on PayPal.

What is the affiliate payout dates of A2 hosting

You’ll get paid every 15th of the month. For example, if you complete the $100 commission threshold on November 2nd, you will be paid on November 15th.

What were A2 hosting affiliate rules?

A2 hosting affiliate rules were, you can’t buy hosting from your link, and you can’t target a brand keyword during the paid promotion.

Is A2 Hosting the highest paying hosting affiliate program?

Yes, a2 hosting is the highest paying hosting affiliate program in the market right now. You can earn up to $125 per new customer, which you referred to.

The minimum requirements to join a2 hosting affiliate program?

There is no minimum requirement to join a2 hosting. A2 hosting offers affiliate programs free to join. Note that you needed accurate information about your website, promotion method, and personal details.


Join a2 hosting for free now and make money online, just promoting premium hosting. A2 is a famous web hosting company, and people want to use premium services at affordable rates.

Increase your affiliate sales by promoting free platforms such as Facebook you and your blog. Bloggers and YouTubers making money just promote a2 hosting, you can also do.

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