How To Change WordPress Password [ 7 Different Easy Ways ]

You’ve lost access to your WordPress site, and you don’t know how to get in again. Don’t be panic. Here I have shared how to change WordPress Password in 7 different ways. 

Do you lose your WordPress password? Or lost access to your WordPress site? Don’t worry. Here I have shared different ways to change the WordPress dashboard login password.

Most people put the wrong email or inactive email into their WordPress administration, and they don’t have access to their email for a standard password reset. 

Here I have provided different ways to reset the WordPress administration password without an administration email account.

Security is the most important while you are working in the online field. There are many reasons to harm your website, including hacking, Malware files, easy password, crack/nulled theme or plugins, and not secure web hosting.

If you want to build your online business success, you have to take care of website security, and when we’re talking about security, at first, we have to put strong passwords to get access to websites.

Always use a very strong password and make it difficult to guess for others. Never use your name or website name for your password, and make sure you have a different user name that does not match your name and domain name.

Before attempting the WordPress password reset process, you have to take your website backup to keep your important files safe.

There are different ways to take a backup of your website; it depends upon you. If you have access to your WordPress dashboard, you can take a backup using WordPress backup plugins. And, if you don’t have access to your WordPress dashboard, you can take a backup from Cpanel.

How to Change WordPress Password via WordPress dashboard

There is a different way to change your WordPress admin login password. Here I’ll explain how to change the WordPress password from your WordPress dashboard if you have already access to the dashboard. In this scenario, you want to change your password for regular security updates or increase your website secure from hackers.

This one is the best and easiest way to change your WordPress password if you are already logged in. Here is the simple step you have to complete to change your password from the WordPress admin panel.

Go to Users >> Profile, here you can see how many users have on your WordPress website. You can see the administrator and if you have others like user editor, subscriber, contributor, author.

This guide will show you how you can change your WordPress administrator login password from the WordPress control panel.

Click on the edit option to change your password.

Now go to the last of the page where you can see Account Management with the option New Password.

You can change your WordPress password from here. You can see the WordPress Password Generator button.

When you try to change your password, make sure you have a strong password. If you type your password into the box, you can see the suggestions like Very weak, Medium, and Strong.

choose a strong password using the WordPress password generator, recommended (don’t forget to save your new password in your note)

Now, click on Update User

Now you can get the Profile updated notification on your top of the Profile page.

How to Change WordPress Password via WordPress login screen

You can change your WordPress password from the WordPress login screen by the Lost password recovery step. Make sure you have a valid Username or Email Address to get your new password for this method. In this method, you will get a new password reset link in your email when you apply from Lost your password? Button.

In this method, the username and email address required, which was used in your WordPress user contact info.

Here is the process of how you can change your WordPress password from the login screen.

Visit your login page (example: Now you can see your login dashboard where a username or email address and password are required to log in.

Check on Lost your password? Button to reset your password.

After clicking the Lost your password button, you can see a new page where you can put your username or email address to get a new password.

Once done, you will get a new email with your website name, username, and the unique link to reset password. Click on the link which you get in your email.

Now you can see a new page where you’ll get a new password, which is generated by the WordPress password generator.

You can now change your own strong password or simply copy the password and click on the reset password button.

At last, you will get a new page and try to login with your username and new reset password.

How to Change WordPress Password via Softaculous

In this method, you can change your WordPress password from the Softaculous apps installer. This is another easy way to change your WordPress administration password. Here I will share the steps of how you can change your password of WordPress from Softaculous.

Login in your web hosting control panel like CPanel, DirectAdmin, where your Softaculous is installed.

Click on softaculous icon from your hosting control panel

Now you have to go into all installations by clicking all installations icons

After clicking on all installations,  you can see a new page to find all your installed WordPress on your hosting account.

Now click on the edit button with the pencil icon.

After clicking on the pencil button, you will get a new page where all Installation details available.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the Admin Account section. Here you have to put your username and the new password, then click on save installation details.

Now you will get the notification. The installation details were edited successfully.

done, you successfully change your WordPress login password from softaculous.

How To Change WordPress Password In phpMyAdmin

Here you can learn how to change the WordPress password in PHPMyAdmin?

This method was tricky, so make sure you have a backup of your website before you proceed.

Login into your hosting control panel, which one you are using for your website. In my case, I am using Cpanel to reset the WordPress password.

Go to your phpMyAdmin.

After login, you can see the phpMyAdmin dashboard, you can see different databases for websites.

Select your database for the website, which you want to change login password.

Ensure your selected database of the website you want to change password is current from (wpis_options). Here you’ll see the website home page.

Then click on users, and now you can see your users’ details. In my case, there is only one user.

Now click on edit from the pencil button.

You will get a different column with different functions. You have to go in ( user_pass ) to change your password.

You can see the current password in the decoded version, before changing your password, click on MD5 and put your new password.

At the bottom of the page, click on the Go button to save your new password.

After clicking you will get the success notification.

How to Change WordPress Passwords via FTP

If you want to change the WordPress administrator password, or you can’t log in to your WordPress dashboard and are unable to reset the password from the WordPress password recovery function or are unable to access the WordPress MySQL database?

Don’t worry you can change your WordPress login password via FTP.

Sounds good? 

Yes, you can change your WordPress administrator password from your website FTP login.

Keep in mind you have to keep a backup of your website, and another important thing is your FTP login details required to attempt this method.

Let’s start

  1. First, you have to install FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software FileZilla to get access to your website.
  2. Connect your website with FTP using login details
  3. Go to your reboot directory and find your theme location,  \wp-content\themes\ directory
  4. Download the file functions.php of your WordPress theme.
  5. Add the below line of code after the first <?php line. The number 1 at the end of the line of code is the user ID of the WordPress user you would like to reset the password for. If you are using the default administrator account you created when installing WordPress, the user ID is always 1.
  6. wp_set_password( ‘password’, 1 );
  7. Save the changes and upload back the files function.php.
  8. Once uploaded, navigate to your WordPress dashboard login page, typically
  9. Log in to WordPress using the default administrator account name (typically admin) using the password password.
  10. Once you submit the credentials (try to log in) the login page will simply reload without redirecting you to the WordPress dashboard. This means you have just reset the WordPress administrator password to password. Do not try again and again.
  11. Before trying to login again, using the FTP client download the modified functions.php file from the themes directory.
  12. Remove the line you have added before, save the changes and upload back the file.

Now you can log in to the WordPress dashboard with your administrator account using the password “password”.

How to Change WordPress Password via WP-CLI

WP-CLI is a command line you can use to manage your WordPress website. If you installed WP-CLI on your server to manage your WordPress site, you could change your password by following these steps.

Connect to your server or shared hosting account with SSH

Change to the root directory for your WordPress site.

 Ensure you’re in the correct WordPress installation with the following command:

wp option get home && wp option get siteurl

You may start using WP-CLI once you are in the  public_html  directory. Type this command to view all the users.

  wp user list

Now, type this command to update the password of a user you are targeting.

 wp user update id --user_pass=password

How to Reset WordPress Passwords Using the Emergency Password Reset Script

This password resetting process with Emergency Password Reset Script was difficult. If you have a basic knowledge of how to create a PHP file or how to upload PHP files in a web hosting control panel, you can easily change your WordPress administrator password.

Emergency Password Reset Script was given by to reset your WordPress password when you have a login control over the web hosting control panel and unable to reset from the WordPress password resetting function phpMyAdmin database.

You can change your WordPress administrator password by following this simple method.

Let’s jump in

  1. Log in to your web hosting control panel (CPanel or DirectAdmin).
  2. Find your website root directory where your WordPress website files are located.
  3. Now, Create a new file called “emergency.php”.
  4. Copy script from here
  1. Paste the entire script into the “emergency.php”, update the values, so the file contains your admin’s information, and save.
  2. After saving emergency.php with the script, now open a new browser tab and go to

After entering the emergency page, you have to enter the admin’s username. Then, create a new password. Click on “Update Options” when you’re done.

If you used the correct username, your administrator should receive a confirmation email with the new password.

Once the admin has regained access, delete the emergency.php file from your hosting control panel.

That’s it.


I hope you learn how to change WordPress passwords. Here I have shared 7 different ways to change WordPress administration passwords. You can choose any methods for changing your password as per your knowledge & access.

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